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By BS (anonymous) | Posted April 29, 2009 at 11:47:48

No No, Ryan.
You see, the RHVP was only Phase 1... the City forgot to mention that when they started building it.
Phase 2 is the Trinity Church Rd Extension, then
Phase 3 is the Mid-Pen Highway, THEN
Phase 4 is more housing (that's houses, not condo buildings or mix-use of any sort)
THEN business might be attracted to the area!

See, you have to look at the whole picture... then, and only then, will everything make sense (ok ok, it really makes no sense... but did we forget which City we call home!?)

I still don't understand why so many people would be against a below-grade Burlington St Extension (NOT a Linc or RHVP'esq Expy) when it would clearly be the only way THIS City would convert Main & King to two-way... at least at this point in time. I'd rather see two-way Main/King by 2015 than by 2030 when people with true vision and concern for Hamilton come into power.

Keep Nicholas Kevlahan's Transportation Summit article in mind; although the City has all the right ideas, they're still practising their old habits and will continue to do so for years and years and years. So although they like two-way Main/King IN THEORY, they're scared away from the idea due to their obsession with keeping traffic moving? ...A Burlington Street Extension as the best option.

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