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By jason (registered) | Posted April 29, 2009 at 12:01:56

Great discussion so far. A couple of more points from me:

  1. We do have a ring road now. Pull out a map of the city and it's easy to spot - 403/QEW/Red Hill/Linc.
  2. The plan for perimeter road was always to run it along Strachan. unless they were to widen the below-grade area near the tracks, there's no way a highway would fit there. Regardless, we don't need it. Our entire ring system can be driven in about 25 minutes. There is absolutely no reason that any trucks heading to the NE part of the city need to use Main, King or York. If they're coming from Guelph, they can use the Skyway/Burlington St/Red Hill. If they're coming from Toronto, same thing. If they're coming from Buffalo, Red Hill/Burlington St If they're coming from Detroit, Linc/Red Hill. If they're coming from Nanticoke, Linc/Red Hill.

It's so asinine that we spend all this money on these roads, yet still allow trucks to fly down city streets like Cannon, York, King and Main. These are supposed to be vibrant, commercial/residential city streets. We have the truck freeways now. Get them to start using them!

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