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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted May 05, 2009 at 16:26:45

Reuben, while this is an interesting article, home prices are vastly superior at reflecting the desirability of a community than any study based on a few subjective criteria. Home prices are set by real cash transactions and reflect the totality of variables that add to or subtract from the living experience in a given community. When people put real money on the table, they do so after taking in to account everything that's important to them, not just the few variables included in this study.

Therefore, the fact that people are willing to put down more cash for a home in Burlington, than Hamilton, tells us that the public think it's a better place to live, regardless of what this study says.

As to the comment for Neil Everson..."It used to be that the only important factors were cost of land and taxes ... but if you can't get people to live there, the cost of land and taxes won't matter."

A Hamilton public employee arguing against lowering tax rates for the people of Hamilton. Big surprise. If tax rates were the lowest in the GTA, then he may have a point, but they're the highest, so what is he saying, that they need to be even higher?

Jason >> Yep. It appears that ASmith is right. Waaaaay more people live in Burlington than Hamilton.

Did I say that? No, what I said was that more people want to live in Burlington than Hamilton. Don't lie Jason.

NoBrainer >> There's no point trying to debate with TRUE BELIEVERS

Do home prices reflect demand from the buying public? If so, how do you explain Hamilton's lack of demand form the marketplace? Answer that.

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