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By TreyS (registered) | Posted May 05, 2009 at 21:02:56

I've been reading all these comments about; where are the cheapest property tax rates? and therefore that's where I'm living or locating my business.

I'm just guessing, but I bet the property tax is really cheap north of North Bay, by comparison to Hamilton.

Burlington may charge less property tax then Hamilton does. However; that will soon change for Burlington -- its business model is going to change soon. As the young 'city' gets older so will its costs increase, while at the same time the 'city' virtually has NO real City amenities.

The adage goes; You get What you Pay for. Yes you will pay less taxes in Burlington and frankly you get the appropriate amount in return. That is, a life that will revolve around driving an automobile, a life of either going to Hamilton or Toronto to experience City amenities, if you grow-up in Burlington and wish to pursue more education beyond High School -- you are leaving the 'city' or commuting.... better still... may as well get used to commuting to everything except Walmart if you plan on living in Burlington.

In the very near future - after this little economic hiccup - business will have to locate where people want to live. You've heard of a "buyers' market" well it will be an "employees market" soon. And they will be able to choose to either; work in a windowless box on a service road, next to a highway, accessible by another highway. OR. work within a urban fabric that has transit options, places to explore on-foot during a break, livable housing within the same city and more social interaction.

BTW: It's officially named "Hamilton Harbour" NOT "Burlington Bay". Just read the plaque in the lobby of the Hamilton Port Authority Bldg.

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