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By JM (registered) | Posted May 06, 2009 at 11:34:36

kitchener wouldn't want the AHL team if someone just handed it to them... lol

i'm pretty sure the OHL rangers will always have a bigger fan base. the problem with the AHL (especially in Hamilton) is that it tries too hard to be like the NHL as a pro team... with no local players, and no major nearby rivals (like Kitchener to London in OHL) its hard to generate interest. plus - the good players often disappear and head to the real league - the NHL

kitchener does well with the Rangers cause its very community and locally based - but hamilton needs the big ticket team to attract fans, which they can most certainly do. and then we can have a real rivalry with toronto, ottawa AND buffalo! (the marlies don't count as a real rival for the dogs... lol people only go to those games to see the baby leafs)

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