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By JonC (registered) | Posted May 06, 2009 at 17:29:55

Logic good, inanity bad.

Take your first point in this last response "nobrainer >> Free-rider problem. If you don't pay, you still benefit from other peoples contribution to public services.

Why does that have to be the case? Just ensure that those who don't pay taxes, don't have access to public schools, public hospitals and public roads. Real easy."

In your brain, the only beneficiary of an education is the student. In reality, when those with the greatest aptitude to become doctors or teachers or economists or mechanics or whatever attain training, all of society benefits.

The reason that no one responded to your USSR comparison is because it is statistically invalid. I seem to recall you praising the Chinese this past week. And of course, no capitalist countries have ever had failed economies. These are the sort of thing I mean when I refer to "absurd claims, flawed analogies and poor statistics". Watch, I'll argue like you, but the opposite,I'll take your argument and modify it ever so slightly.

Frnace has high government spending (over 60% of GDP) and how did it fare? Much in the way of an economic legacy to the world.

Compare that to Haiti, where from government spending comprises less than 17% of GDP and where it became one of the weakest economic powers in the world.

If a lack of government spending is so important, how do you explain all these important inventions that came from an economy with more than 60% government spending? It's as if you have no clue what your talking about.


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