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By adrian (registered) | Posted April 14, 2006 at 10:01:44

Hey Ryan, thanks for that link. Di Ianni sounds pretty dismissive, so I figure the council meeting might get a little hectic. I emailed councillor McHattie with a link I found while looking around on the net to give him a little extra ammo, if he needs it. "While looking for some info on the issue, I came across testimony from Robert Dibblee, Managing Director of State and Local Government Affairs for the Air Transport Association of America, Inc. He appeared before the California State Assembly in May 2005 seeking a cap on taxes on jet fuel purchased in California:" ------------------------------ During the past year, literally thousands of news stories have appeared in the media nationwide about the airline industry's continuing battle to contain costs in the face of record jet fuel prices. During the last 30 days alone, there have been more than 230 of these stories. Their headlines tell our story. ... It's a painful fact that all U.S. airlines continue to face extremely challenging economic hurdles, with few signs of material improvement anytime soon. Today, five airlines are currently facing bankruptcy. And, industry losses since 9/11 total $32 billion, with a projected loss of $5 billion this year. ... Our airplanes are generally flying full, thanks to airfares that are running at price levels equal to the late 1980's. But, they are also full of expensive fuel, the second highest business cost to airlines, and a factor that is completely out of our control. The cost of jet fuel has risen exponentially in recent years, with the current price per gallon equal to an average of $1.70, which is nearly 2 ½ times more than the average price per gallon for 2002. ------------------------------ This aerotropolis plan is ridiculous.

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