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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted May 07, 2009 at 17:02:39

JonC >> It factually would lower city revenue in the short term

Show me your "solid evidence" to prove this assertion.

>> Admitting ambiguity has nothing to do with a lack of care.

Nor should it be a reason to charge the residents of Hamilton the highest tax rates in the GTA. If you are ignorant as to how tax rates affect city revenues, there is no good reason not to lower them.

>> your lack of refuting implies that you accept the confirmation that you are a one idea man. A zealot. Which, is a little sad. I mean it explains why you can never bend or admit fault in yourself.

Ok, here is a second idea, don't make factually incorrect statements say like this one...

"The money spent by the government is primarily in large scale infrastructure

Is that better.

>> A nuanced world where sometimes taxes need to be increased and sometimes they need to be decreased

What criteria do you use to make these judgments?

>> it seems that you've correlated taxes with evil.

If I came to your house and stole money for my education, would you consider that wrong? What is the difference between that and having the majority decide they need to take more income from rich people, simply because they have a good reason to do so?

Don't get me wrong, I believe that rich people who fail to give back to those in need are missing out on one of the best things any one can do, spreading compassion and love. But resorting to theft, even if it is organized and democratized, is still wrong. Furthermore, if you look at the history of things like welfare, there is a lot of evidence that says it is counter productive.

Reuben >> for the record, i've never stated that i had a problem with lower tax rates and less government interference in the economy, so don't jump to conclusions.

True, you didn't say those things. I jumped to conclusions.

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