Comment 30912

By JonC (registered) | Posted May 07, 2009 at 17:15:26

X.2 = .2X X.1 = .1X unless of course you believe say halving the residential tax rate would immediately double property values. Which it won't

I would suggest using more than one criteria.

I would also suggest you stop taking comments out of context if you wish to be taken seriously "The money spent by the government is primarily in large scale infrastructure and our nation has decided to make sure all citizens are at least given a chance at having some sort of sustainable life, so we also support standards for health care, education, etc."

I hope you took my previous comments regarding your zealotry to be constructive.

And for the record, I've also never stated that I had a problem with lower tax rates and less government interference in the economy, so don't jump to conclusions.

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