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By Michelle Martin (registered) - website | Posted May 08, 2009 at 13:14:31

"I think it forces a level of integrity and consistency, and that's somewhat a good thing." -- Meredith, above Thanks for the comment. I agree, and have often thought the same thing.

What is worrying, and I think particularly dangerous for young people, is that cyberspace is the location of so much of their interaction that it begins to feel like normal face to face conversation and they let down their guard quite easily.

I'm fortunate that the use of the internet in every day life didn't really take off until I was well on my way to middle age, with all the caution and wisdom that comes from previous mistakes where things like disclosing too much personal information are concerned.

I try to remind my own kids to be careful about giving their heart away (not to shy away from friendships, of course- just to be prudent), even in conversation. I feel advice like this has become more urgent, technology being what it is. I hope the long term result of this will be to in fact encourage more integrity and consistency, and at the same time I wonder about the ramifications of inevitable mistakes in this regard.

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