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By Whoami (anonymous) | Posted May 14, 2009 at 18:02:58

Somebody's always worrying about the internet, but it's a done deal and has already changed how we relate to each other, for better or worse. Yeah, we should be aware and use it knowingly, but then again, how it gets used affects what we know about it. The reality of the internet is no longer virtual. Newspapers, text on paper, are increasingly becoming virtual. Authorities still try to bar the door, but truth and fact have left the barn. And anyway, I have published copies of all sorts of stuff that I've written that I now wish were better, or about which I've changed my mind, or at least should hope so. That's a part of growing and learning.

When an employer or authority uses something you've put on the internet against you, they are the type of people to avoid anyway, but they are also the type of people who are losing power in an economy that is increasingly dependent upon the free flow of ideas.

There is no reconcilliation between the notion that much of what's on the internet is unverifiable and the idea that what you put on the internet can be used against you. You are what you say you are until you say you're something else. And that's as it has always been.

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