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By jason (registered) | Posted May 15, 2009 at 08:49:37

I've come to realize lately that even if a net reduction in street parking is necessary for two-way and LRT it's more than worth the trade off. We have TONS of street parking right now, especially along King through central Hamilton. And look at it. Street parking is nice, but clearly isn't a huge part of the solution. Pedestrian friendly streets and great rapid transit will do wonders for King.

I agree with the consultants that King should house the LRT instead of Main. It's got the built environment similar to James North with tons of street shops and a good streetwall. The potential for revitalization is huge along King and would benefit greatly from LRT.

Some folks I've spoken to have wondered how LRT will help areas along King with long stretches between stations, similar to our current B-Line routing alignment. It's important to remember that the current B-Line shares a lane, stops at red lights, gets stuck in traffic and has the front door ticket/boarding procedure that leads to the inevitable scenario where someone starts asking the driver "where this bus goes" etc..... LRT will have it's own lanes, own traffic signals and no driver to hand tickets to. We can and should add more stops in the central city at spots like the International Village, Locke St, Victoria and Gage Ave. Even with a few new stops, this transit line will get from Mac to Eastgate much quicker than the current B-Line.

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