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By Hmmm (anonymous) | Posted May 15, 2009 at 11:02:09

There's no doubt LRT will be much more Rapid than the B-Line faux-BRT. Just by ridding the current system of the Front Door/Driver/Fare situation, the B-Line would be 5-mins quicker. So a trip from Downtown to Eastgate would take 15mins, rather than the current 20mins. Also add dedicated LRT lanes & LRT singal priority, could cut the trip in half to 10mins! 10mins to get from Downtown to Eastgate or vice-versa!? Imagine!

Here's my main concern (and that of almost everyone I've spoken to re: LRT) is the stretch between The Delta & Queenston Traffic Circle.
It WILL be mixed traffic (as it stands now), and even Now that stretch is a bottleneck (and a half). Of course this is one of (if not the only) strip of Main where small businesses flourish. They also have a municipal parking lot for almost each block, limited street parking.

What's going to happen to the B-Line once it goes from ultraspeed to streetcar speed? Riders are going to get frustrated (I see it every day), traffic jams will frustrate drivers. Not to mention Main @ Kenilworth currently has ZERO room to even add an LRT station?!

The only option I see for this stretch is underground. Goes under at the Delta Park, resurfaces at the Traffic Circle. Only 2 sub-grade stations (Ottawa & Kenilworth) to keep costs down.

Any other suggestions?

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