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By brian (registered) | Posted May 16, 2009 at 07:50:17

I agree about the economic impact to a certain agree that it isn't has much as people claim it to be. One thing is certain some of the hotel projects that have been talked about would get off the ground a lot quicker if a team came here this year or next. A few better restaurants and bars would also come around the area. The reason some places don't see the big economic difference is because they already have enough hotel rooms, quality bars and restaurants and they don't need to be built. If a team moves there, a football-soccer stadium down the road (if we get the pan-am games, the LRT, even the lister block finally done...well it's combination of things like that and confidence that a change is coming to a city that the real pay off happens. If you have a few more events at the harbour(and the railway yards gone) a new football stadium for the Ticats and maybe even a soccer team at some level, as well as the NHL you would start seeing a change downtown. If the NHL had 18,000 people for 41 games a year, the CFL 20,000-25,000 for 9 home games, a soccer team as well lets say 10 concerts at Copps with atleast 10,000 could have 70 dates a year with probably atleast 10,000 people at a time..if Pittsburgh can change the way it has, so can Hamilton.

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