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By dumbleclark (anonymous) | Posted May 20, 2009 at 09:07:08

Smitty's got some issues.

If you actually read the HCCI report there sMitty you'll see that more than half of the companies surveyed are entrepreneurs and not charities and non-profits. They are 'capitalist' businesses as you would suggest.

That fact that they require investment from the government is nothing new - almost every single industry in our country receives government investment. Farmers, oil drillers, now car manufacturers, steel companies, radio broadcasters, you name it.

What the report suggests is that the creative industries have actually been undervalued, and under serviced in Canada for decades. It also suggests that investment does not have to come in the form of cold hard cash - a relatively small percentage of the participants even noted receiving subsidies - but more so in marketing assistance, cluster support like others in Hamilton, and through effective infrastructure (like the numerous incubation centre for other industires, and those which are hugely successful and profit generating for other cities).

Unfortunately forward thinking creative people run up against your kind of archaic thinking everyday. We'll get it over it, just like I've gotten over you.

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