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By Con Black (anonymous) | Posted May 21, 2009 at 12:59:58

Don't get too optimistic about this before you see the fine print.
(may 18 2009)
>>Cars and trucks must average 27.3 mpg by 2011, according to current federal regulations. Under the pending administration plan for 2012-16, annual mileage goals would top out at 42 miles per gallon (17.9 kilometres per litre) for cars and just over 26 mpg for light trucks, which include pickups, sport utilities and vans. <<

There still is a different set of rules for cars and trucks besides the fleet average target.

Probably 3/4 of trucks and suvs are not purchased based on need, but on fashion trendiness. You need only look at the astonishing data on changing vehicle mix since 1980 to see this.

If the usgov was serious about fuel economy they would have no category distinction between cars and trucks at all. Certainly buyers have no impediment to buying whatever vehicle they find most sexy, or have been brainwashed by marketers to believe they need.

Then again if the gov was really serious about fuel economy they would have a $4/gal gas tax like Europe.

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