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By jason (registered) | Posted May 21, 2009 at 13:46:25

great thoughts reality check. I too, was initially concerned about the 2+2+turning lane option for Main, but I think it's safe to say that the city won't turn both King and Main into 1+1+2parking lanes so I'm kind of going with the lesser of two evils.

I don't see how you are squeezing street parking onto Main St with a median transitway and 3 car lanes. That's 5 lanes, plus stations, right there.

When I say 'side street parking' I'm more referring to main roads such as Wentworth, Sherman, Wellington, Victoria etc.... sorry about the confusion. I should have said 'intersecting main roads'.

I find Main less desirable for LRT and more desirable as the main auto road through the city due to it's already car-centric nature. There are a ton of parking ramps along Main St. King has far less vehicle access across the sidewalk making it more pedestrian friendly and, in my view, more suited to pedestrian-oriented developments with patios, benches and LRT etc.....

Service vehicles, I presume would have to use alleyways, sidestreets and parking areas. I don't think we should design our future LRT around service vehicles being able to stop wherever they want.


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