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By realitycheck (anonymous) | Posted May 21, 2009 at 16:32:08

Another thing to consider is how direct the route along Main is compared to along King. A route along King is much more winding than a potential Main route. The slightly longer route has minimal impact on overall costing, but one needs to consider the noise and level operational impact at any point in a rail line where a curve in the track is negotiated. Turns on rail are extremely noisy and negatively impact the area surrounding the bend. King has several significant stretches of turns in its potential route between Paradise and the Delta: a 90-degree turn at Main and Paradise, another at Paradise and King, a more gradual bend on King as it approaches Dundurn, then again at King and Wellington, another on King east of Sherman, and finally a sixth significant bend at the Delta. Besides the obvious noise level impact at turns, a risk of potential derailment and/or power interruption is inherent with every turn on an LRT line. Meanwhile, a routing along Main would have no turns along this same section of the city, and therefore significantly less impact on noise levels and potential operational interruptions.

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