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By Con Black (anonymous) | Posted May 23, 2009 at 09:43:19

Still, the fuel economy numbers above show that Obama expects the vehicle mix to be 56% cars and 44% trucks, vans, suv's in 2016. Not a much different mix from today, which is a good part of the reason why we are in the financial slump we are - it is wasteful of fuel and excessively luxurious and does not reflect need.

Based on historical use, a more sensible guestimate of need would be:
10% trucks (farmers)
0% suv's
20% vans (families of 5+; contractors)
70% cars (ever tried a roof rack or trailer hitch? oh yeah!)

But forget about dictating that; at a reasonable gas tax the market would figure that out for itself. Sometimes the market actually works, you just have to get the price right, i.e. reflecting the cost of consequences as well as production.

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