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By Mike (registered) | Posted May 25, 2009 at 11:13:26

I read those Star articles as well (Mean Streets and the licensing one). Some of the comments are scarier than the cycling! Agreed, that is so mean, how can you exclude anyone from city streets on which people live and work and shop ... Cars have some highways for efficient high speed access, the remaining streets we have to either co-exist in or kill each other. It is sincerely a bit frightening to hear some of this ... people live in cities (gasp!) and a bike is the most efficient transport possible so many of us use them, what are we supposed to do, fold into another dimension?

After reading the conversations though, my sense is that although engineering is a big factor, the attitudes are the primary reason the situation is so bad. Lots of hurry and bad moods = human roadkills. Also I think some of our neighbors are absolutely terrified that a different way of thinking could work and start to spread. Just my humble opinion of course ...

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