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By DC (anonymous) | Posted May 25, 2009 at 13:43:05

When I lived in Toronto, I lived @ Isabella & Jarvis (just south of Bloor).

Jarvis was, and still is, as bad as Main Street Hamilton especially during rush hour. It's used as an expressway to/from Mount Pleasant Rd (also considered an inner-city expressway). Of course the drivers who are trying to reach their Rosedale or Davisville homes are going to be upset as their speedways will no longer exist. They'll have to spend that extra 3mins commuting up the street. Cry me a river about it.

If I were to move back to Toronto, this neighbourhood would once again be my first choice. There are several smaller, residential streets that have already been made more pedestrian friendly (Charles Pl comes to mind, where they cut the street in half blocking thru traffic from Jarvis to Sherbourne).

Toronto is a progressive-thinking City for the most part, so I can bet the City (and neighbours around Jarvis) will help pass this plan. That schizophrenic centre lane is confusing, and makes it very difficult to cross at non-signalized crossings. Once this plan is implemented, watch out Church St... you're going to have a new (more upscale) buyway to compete with!!

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