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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted May 28, 2009 at 10:58:23

When you consider how hard it has been, in parts of Hamilton and elsewhere, to get a crack house closed down, it's amusing to see the ease with which this bylaw is going to be passed :)

I believe the issue relates to large daycares. Increased traffic is one concern. I would have this same concern regardless of the business type, however I think this is clearly on over-reaction to the placement of what is a modest sized business (we have a daycare at the end of our street. Sure there is traffic but it's only at certain times of the day and it's manageable. I love hearing the kids shrieking down my street).

As for gentrification, I agree that 'over-gentrification' is not a good thing. The key is to mandate some mixed income and different types of housing, along with mixed uses, so you get a bit of everything. My street has town houses, high end condos, co-ops and rentals - it resists over-gentrification by its design.

As you say, over-gentrification would be a nice problem for Hamilton to have...

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