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By Lefty (anonymous) | Posted June 01, 2009 at 11:56:36

Reality doesn't exist. We live entirely in manufactured worlds. "In the real world" simply means the manufactured version of the world the narrator has chosen to live in.

You may choose your reality, but it must accommodate my choice of reality. For some this means others must accept the dominance of their choice of reality. They believe the real reality was chosen some time ago, by democratic election or market conditions, and cannot now be altered by other choices.

Tough luck for you, for instance, if you weren't around to choose when Ford first built assembly lines to manufacture automobiles, and governments began building roads for them to drive on. The result is an automobile-based economy and life-style. Even when that economy and lifestyle is breaking down, as it is now due to congestion and demographics, the first reaction of the true believers in reality is to shore up the dominant vision of reality. The solution is always more of the same. No other choices seem real.

Thing is, whether lard or grey-water, I didn't notice a proposal that automobiles be banned from Jarvis St. Only that the street be shared with bicyclists. Autodrivers still have other real choices: to walk, use the TTC, ride a bike, drive other routes, or possibly spend a little longer driving on Jarvis St. As cars are so wonderful, the ideal and only way to travel, really, I can only wonder why so many drivers balk at spending a few extra moments in them each day. This irony alone should suggest the consideration of other choices.

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