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By Jonathan Dalton (registered) | Posted June 02, 2009 at 16:45:07

Let's quantify 'too much geography and not enough people'

Toronto - Montreal: Combined CMA 8.7M, distance 545km, travel time 1h 45min Toronto - Ottawa: 6.2M, 450km, 1h 30min Ottawa - Montreal: 4.7M, 190km, 40min Montreal - Quebec: 4.3M, 250km, 50min Edmondon - Calgary: 2.0M, 295km, 1h Vancouver - Calgary: 3.2M, 970km, 3h 15min Vancouver - Edmonton: 3.1M, 1160km, 3h 50min

In Southern Ontario, there is just so much geography and so few people that we'll settle for conventional electric rail at 200km/h:

Toronto - Kitchener: 5.6M, 110km, 30min Toronto - Hamilton: 5.8M, 60km, 18min Toronto - London: 5.6M, 195km, 1h Hamilton - Kitchener: 1.1M, 65km, 20min Hamilton - London: 1.2M, 130km, 40min

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