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By Oldcoder (anonymous) | Posted June 06, 2009 at 10:17:09

Another thing implied in the article but you didn't make explicit is that this could bring Hamilton's programmers together to a critical mass of contacts that could lead to more local business startups and programming jobs.

There are lots of programmers in Hamilton but like me they need to leave town to work - to Toronto, Missisauga, Waterloo, etc. But I'm old enough to remember the pre-Web days when Hamilton was a hotspot of BBS's and local PC hobbyists - we had one of the highest concentrations of local computer networks and I'm wondering where all those nerds went after Hamilton started to fall behind.

I see this as a chance to come from behind and get back out in front of the curve again! Open source city is still a new concept, maybe we won't be the last to the party this time.

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