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By JonC (registered) | Posted June 10, 2009 at 16:20:41

The Liberals don't have a party position on the topic, despite it being a topic of high public interest for the past all of my life, so the trigger response becomes not wanting to be soft on drugs and/or crime. If those dullards wanted to get the vote out, this is a topic to build some policy around. Promise a referendum at a minimum.

I don't have anything against mandatory minimum sentencing in general (although it does imply that the judiciary is incompetent), as long as the laws are logical. Laws around marijuana, in particular, are ridiculous. Possession of a small amount is legal, and I think buying the small amount is allowed, but selling the same small amount is illegal and it would be impossible to grow a single plant without going over the simple possession weight allowance. Where do people think it comes from? I can't understand why provincial governments aren't lobbying hard to set up licensed dispensaries and cash in, additionally reducing some of the most serious crime and creating a new crop to be grown (with hemp as a by-product). I can also sense an increase in tourism for some reason. In fact writing this down reminds of how completely and utterly ridiculous government is. There is literally no down side. The only fears are increased levels of consumption and increased levels of addiction (and previously that the [insert minority] will steal away the white women), both of which have been debunked by a) alcohol prohibition and b) Holland.

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