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By jason (registered) | Posted June 11, 2009 at 10:02:14

Fencesitter, a complex issue for certain, but I'm of the opinion that more personal and physical harm is the result of legalizing harmful behaviour. Please note, I'm not speaking from the financial/government side of the issue. Just the personal toll on people.

To me, it's akin to legalizing the non-use of seatbelts or mandating the exclusive use of landfills with no recycling or re-use allowed; or legalizing drunk driving.

People drive drunk, people refuse to be responsible for their own consumption and waste and people drive without seatbelts. Does that mean we should legalize those activities??

Statistics clearly show that in recent years, seatbelt use is way up, recycling is way up and drunk driving is way down. I would like to see the same trend when it comes to drug use.

For what it's worth, my job consists of far more than 'counseling drug addicts'. However, I've yet to come across a young person who is freed of their drug problem only to see their life spiral downward, out of control. In 100% of the cases I've been involved with, the opposite is always true. Their life improves dramatically once they eliminate drug use.

Fencesitter, thanks for the opportunity to further explain my thoughts. Cheers

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