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By Frank (registered) | Posted June 12, 2009 at 16:40:25

JonC, if you actually read what I wrote, I said that the drug use here is higher... and you just enforced my point. The Dutch gov't has a few "swing" parties that have until now been voting to keep the regulations as lax as possible. What's changed their mind? Perhaps the fact that they don't want their nation known as a destination because of a red light district (which is also being regulated now) and virtually no drug laws.

Also, in my post I said that soft drugs are decriminalized, not legalized. The sale is restricted to government sanctioned locations and even coffee houses are starting to be closed (if i'm not mistaken the number is 200). Specifically those near schools (the more vulnerable younger people). Also while you may argue that people who are released from the stigma of drug use are now seeking treatment and this results in higher numbers, the census and polls taken are anonymous. If that were the case the number of people using drugs before and after the program change would have been significantly different.

I also don't think you've addressed the differences in society as I mentioned effectively.

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