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By jason (registered) | Posted June 16, 2009 at 11:20:54

ps...I should add a few comments here after reading the piece again.

Councillor Jackson mentions his constituents that have spoken to him about recreational trails. This plan has a fair amount of those types of trails. It's not only commuter trails. The fact is, Hamilton has done fairly well in recent years with recreational trail development. It's the commuter side that we're lagging on. Also, his ward is quite removed from employment downtown and in the west end. I'm sure folks cycle to work from there, but it wouldn't be as high as wards in the lower city and mountain wards that are directly above downtown.

As for McCarthy, she's obviously never experienced the difference between riding a bike on a road with no bike lane and a road with a bike lane. Especially in the rural area where cars are driving very fast.

Those who say there isn't demand for these facilities are also the ones who said there was no demand for bike racks on buses. Last update from the HSR showed bike rack usage much higher than they predicted.

Finally, the $51 million price tag is to be spread out over 20+ years. Council is actually being asked to spend $1.25 million per year, or perhaps doubling that to $2.5 per year. They are NOT being asked for $51 million next year.
Of course, $1.25 million doesn't make for quite as sensational a headline as $51 million.

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