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By JonC (registered) | Posted June 16, 2009 at 19:55:58

Hi Frank, In a situation where prostitution is illegal, the victim has to admit to being a criminal to report a crime. The prostitute can also seek a fair wage and theoretically unionize if performing a legal task. The additional crime related benefit is that the police force can then be directed to more serious crimes. The possibility of screening of both prostitutes and clients also exists in a controlled work environment. If your alternate solution is abolition and assuming that high levels of enforcement will result in no one ever having sex for money again, that's obviously not worked and never will.

I also don't find GregB's comment to be particularly accurate or useful either. But as for this comment "If you can show me significant numbers of people who are addicted to anything other than kindness who legitimately think that their addiction has helped them get along in life, I'll concede defeat. Until then, I posit that drugs in general are detrimental to society. Therefore, they should never be legalized/decriminalized."

In that case I assume that you are petitioning all levels of government for the immediate criminalization of nicotine, caffeine, etc. Otherwise, you are hypocritically selectively selecting which drugs are harmful and require a zero tolerance approach and based on your comments, I would guess based on the status quo. That a substance has addictive properties, does not mandate it's removal from society. I'm not of the all drugs should be legal opinion, but I do believe there are drugs that cause more problems when criminalized, marijuana included.

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