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By jason (registered) | Posted June 18, 2009 at 10:21:42

I'm sorry, but this discussion is becoming useless (as usual).

We're trying to figure out if a bike trail ends up being free, or having a benefit to society??

If we're really pinching pennies this much, perhaps we should look at implementing a true FREE market system when it comes to new development. ASmith could save us hundreds of millions simply by crusading to have homebuilders build and sell their product in a true free market fashion. Instead of 30-35% of the cost of new home projects being subsidized by existing taxpayers, we could get the builders and new buyers to actually pay for their product. We wouldn't be able to spend all the extra money on bike trails if we tried! We'd run out of ideas for new places for trails.

Furthermore, it's been proven that people who develop active lifestyles are healthier and thus need to use the health care system far less than those who sit around, watching TV and eating fast food. Crunch some numbers, and I'm sure you'll see that it only requires a few people getting active to offset the cost of a bike trail simply by them learning to take care of themselves and not be constantly sick.

With so much socialism for the rich going on in our society, it's amazing that someone with a screen name of ASmith would choose the lowly bicycle to oppose.

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