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By Toronto's failure to plan its transp (anonymous) | Posted June 19, 2009 at 10:21:06

For decades, Toronto's political scene has been an abject failure in acknowleging the reality that the future will impose.

As "tomorrow" has become "today", Toronto is strangling from the hundreds of short sighted and down right bad decisions its partisan political camps have imposed. Where once you could access the downtown core with reasonable effort, it now requires an hour an a half in a car many days. The public transit has deteriorated to the level where only those with no other option (and a lot of time to invest in nothing better) are left to struggle through over packed trains, subways, buses, and streetcars.

Thinking that strangling the patient to near death will somehow improve its "communities" in return has only seeded a growing and unsupportable situation. Premier McLiar and Mayor Mendacious seem to still believe in the old bully-boy tactics that have failed the most prosperous urban area of Canada from the beginning. The foul mouthed Baird said more in his explitive than just that. Toronto's politics still doesn't want to accept reality and learn how to get help for what it needs, not the sweets and lollys that it wants.

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