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By artistinhpvs (registered) - website | Posted June 19, 2009 at 18:23:47

Hi again,

time to comment. But some to most are very well written and explanitory(sp?).

I'm admitting not so great at explaining but I do know this if we cycle more and leave cars home especially during high gas prices, then the prices go lower and lower. In turn, more room for cycling less cars/drivers. It costs more now for road repairs primarily caused by the automobile and big heavy vehicles. And it's got to be BULL S that drivers cover road costs(?) yeh right!

So that means not happening, poor excuse to tell any cyclists they don't pay road taxes.

And less vehicles(cars0 on the roads less stress and happier individuals. Almost like Sundays well few yrs ago no rush hr but another point I want to make is the road conditions. far worse than previous yrs less repairs. I do far more maintenance on my hpv's than previous yrs is gone too far. I found most cyclist the same.

It's a rotten thought that the automobile is the main key for employment. Or is it real estate? How about food prices? we can buy less meat and the price go down but we need protein and even fish has gone up.

Yes I have and will again write my view or point of view opinion to Spec but somebody else always gets in makes me happy because as long I or some1 else tosses an idea spreads around to other thinkers. We need national not just local but that works anyway.

the trick in cycle less not drive is if this works for many like myself don't need car for commute same lifestyle but the savings.

I carry trailer bigger than most cars for shopping. Ok, the upside/downside, how U see this is...not every1 is fit (like myself) I ride fast pedaling over 100 Lbs. Or should I say my ave speed is roughly 25 kph. My max over 40kph. I have exceeded 65 down hills but record 80 one yr. What's the rush? Well, when I have frozen foods on a hot day?......but i can carry freezer containers.

the more U cycle the more fit U get and more endurance.


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