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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted June 20, 2009 at 02:01:30

arienc, if I own land, and my neighbour wishes to dispose of garbage, and can increase his profit by doing so, this thereby forces me to know how to prevent the neighbour from taking advantage

I am not arguing against government laws against pollution, since that is destruction of private property. What I am arguing against, is the idea that bodies of water, or 90% of all land in Ontario needs to be owned by the government. If this land/water were sold off to the private sector, they would do a much better job ensuring it remain clean and utilized to best effect, simply because they would stand to lose millions/billions if they did not.

Think about the land that has been sold to the private sector on the Hamilton beachstrip. Whereas before, it sat empty, producing no benefit to society at all. As soon as it went back to private owners, that whole area started to see a revival.

When people own property, they take care of it, because they stand to lose money if they don't. When government owns land, there is far less reason to be vigilant in taking care of it, because there is no monetary incentive to do so. As I said before, it actually pays government to not be vigilant in protecting land/water from pollution, because they can then use that as a reason to ask for more money from the taxpayers.

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