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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted June 20, 2009 at 13:29:09

Jason >> it was the city of Hamilton that intitiated the redevelopment of the beach strip

That's right, they initiated private investment by handing back to the private sector what they shouldn't have purchased in the first place. What a success.

>> They didn't want a suburb by the beach.

Why is it relevant want THEY want?

>> Had they simply turned over all of that land to private developers ... More blandness, and more shoddy sprawl construction.

You're argument is that developers build crappy homes that nobody wants and yet many people still fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy them. Furthermore, it is only the politicians who can force developers to produce homes that people want to buy, because they have superior insight into what the consumers want. Yet for some reason, even though politicians have this great insight into what home buyers want and could therefore put the established developers out of business, make a fortune in the process, they remain as low paid public servants.

You say some really funny things, Jason.

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