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By jason (registered) | Posted June 20, 2009 at 16:19:04

at least we don't resort to childish name-calling.

Answer one question - where does most of the world's pollution come from? Watch the film 'Addicted to Plastic' sometime. Currently there are government agencies that help and encourage the public to refrain from polluting and help clean up our waterways. Imagine the very water companies that produce all this crap being in charge of the water too?? More important than pollution is the basic human necessity for water. I recall an incident in South America a number of years ago where when of America's mega-corps claimed private ownership of all water, even rainwater.

Little old ladies trying to collect rainwater to clean their dishes would have their buckets kicked over. The only way to get any water was to pay the company that owned it.

Sounds like a great idea eh??

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