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By yeabut (anonymous) | Posted June 22, 2009 at 17:00:38

I think we're already seeing the effect of peak oil with this recession. It is constantly fluctuating fuel prices, low when the economy tanks, skyrocketing when it looks like things might be entering recovery, touching off another dip in the economy and lower oil prices. If the city wants to develop its airport transportation it must shift fuels for public transit and automobiles, freeing up oil reserves for aviation fuel stability.

I think we're already seeing local factories refilling with workers, but they are not the kind of manufacturing jobs we've known in the past with few companies employing a large number of employees in mass production. That manufacturing has left town and if it ever returns it will hire few, relying upon automation instead. But our old plants have already begun to hum with smaller companies providing local services, each employing far fewer people. Possibly employing as few as one: a visual artist, using technology and to minimize tooling costs and producing for one-of-a-kind and niche markets. Arts and communications are information-age manufacturers.

I think bringing the Coyotes to Hamilton isn't so much about having a hockey team as securing content for hand-held media, providing work for creative and digital technologists. The Phoenix Coyotes are about trying to bend an old national mass medium to build a non-existent local market, just as that medium is losing some of its mass. The Hamilton Coyotes are about a newer, growing medium. RIM has already said it wants to expand its content beyond business. This also explains the desire to manage other HECFI facilities. Further, think the Teds, Turner & Rogers, who have sports teams to provide content for their media empires. Think of Ken Sobel, who used to own the Forum and Hamilton Red Wings. Think of the state of CHCH and Global now. Hockey in Hamilton, owned by the Blackberry media mogul, should be transformative for the city, unless all the creative production goes to Waterloo. It will still be good for Hamilton then, just not transformative.

I think when people are uncertain of the future they look to the past for reassuring solutions. What is studied in MBA schools? Business case histories. That explains both Mike Harris and Hamilton city council, mostly.

I think Friday's "Make It 7" rally was amateurish. Should have been held in a high-school gym. Heard from the principal, the coach and the cheerleaders. One band. One tune. Whoo whoo!

Then again, I think I'm a raving genius.

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