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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted June 23, 2009 at 13:26:04

arienc >> what corporation or group of individuals should be given the right to look after this asset and charge us for the privilege?

It really doesn't matter, as long as someone with the ability to profit from it has control. An easy way to do it would be to simply issue an equal amount of shares for each resident of Ontario of Lake Ontario Inc.

>> create the proper incentive for the group of individuals who are charged with the responsibility of looking after our collective water resources

I agree. This would include paying managers based on how much value they bring to the owners of the lake, rather than a flat salary (as with cabinet ministers).

Furthermore, the Ontario government should sell off the 90% of all land that exists in the province, because there is no need for this much land to remain under the control of bureaucrats. Businesses create value from land, politicians buy votes. If we want a wealthier province, we need more profit seeking businesses and less bullsh!t artists.

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