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By lc (anonymous) | Posted June 29, 2009 at 08:21:55

Sorry to anyone that supports this plan, my comments are not going to make you very happy.

First, I am skeptical of design concept renderings nowadays, since pretty much every drawing will incorporate "green rooftops" so that people will think it is a pogressive design. I Highly doubt there is any real intention of putting vegetation on the narrow strips of bus shelters in the new terminal area. Here is what I suggest to people viewing the aerial photo of this design, imagine what the shelters would look like from above without the photoshop grass covering the tops, likewise for the terminal building. Pretty boring drawing eh? Drawing green roofs on a concept is a fast way of making something boring look jazzy even though there surely isn't the budget to actually implement it.

I also do not agree with taking buses out of Gore Park and moving them to the transit terminal. I always thought it was nice to wait for buses in Gore Park, especially at night when there were shopkeepers nearby, and people walking around, so I feel like there are eyes on the street. Where are the eyes on the street in this new area? The terminal is likely the only place along that strip where you can go if you are in trouble. Similarly, think of how many exit points there are at the new terminal if you get into trouble (ie. being mugged, harassed etc.). There are only two real exit points (unless you count jumping over the barrier into the CIBC parking lot on the east side).

Why do we need to pedestrianize this section of Gore Park anyway? is there a high rate of pedestrian traffic moving through this area to begin with? Arguably, a bulk of the pedestrian traffic currently comes from transit users catching buses in the Gore.

Anyway, that's my rant. As a transit user and someone who has lived in this city for a long time, I cannot support this design.

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