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By Really? (registered) | Posted June 29, 2009 at 17:13:35

I agree with Ic. I love the idea of a Pedestrianized Gore Park, but I don't think the time is right. The reason Gore Park is so busy now is due to the current Terminal. I'm going to say about half of the poeple in Gore Park on any given day are there waiting for a bus (this coming from an every-day transit user)

Good point is the new Al Centro Italian restaurant. People don't have time for a pasta dinner while waiting for a bus; but they do have enough time for a coffee. Hence why Infusions was about 20x busier than Al Centro. Take away the transit riders & buses, now there are even less potential customers.

Gore Park is ripe for Pedestrianization... but not yet. Though there have been tons of residents added to Downtown over the last 10 years-or-so, it's still not enough in the right area. The Gore Park area has received minimal housing development for those with the income to walk, shop & eat at Gore Park.

I personally use Gore Park a lot (gotta love Chesters Beers of the World) and am always sad to see that the Park itself is bustling, but the shops are not. They should be... but they're not. Pedestrianize Gore Park... but do it when them time is right, which is not right now :(

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