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By Really? (registered) | Posted June 30, 2009 at 13:43:30

Not that it matters anymore (it's clearly too late) but there is actually PLENTY of room out-front of TH&B as well as the rear bays. There is designated street parking on the North-side of Hunter, as well as drop off/taxi zones on the South-side of Hughson. They could have fit all Gore Park buses as well as the McNab buses in that area -- close to Augusta St, James South retail & of course the gorgeous (already built) TH&B Layover Centre.

Imagine the A-Line LRT using a Transit-only Hughson St from Cannon to Hunter with stops at Hamilton City Ctr (Farm. Market), Gore Park, then TH&B (then east on Hunter to the Claremont Accs., UP the Mtn). Now imagine a pedestrianized covered walkway along the transitway so people can walk/bike/whatever to/from the CBD via a pedestrianized Gore Park. This way Gore Park & the TH&B win!

Oh Hamilton... why can't logic be one of our strengths?!

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