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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted June 30, 2009 at 21:19:50

About insurance ... everybody knows vehicles are capable of causing enormous amounts of damage. (I was there when the SUV smashed up York Blvd last Friday. I did not witness the accident but rounded the corner within seconds after. Worst scene I ever saw in person).

A small auto accident easily overshoots the cost of a bicycle collision. If a bicycle has ever totalled a car (let alone several) it would be interesting to hear of it.

Given the apparent undertaking required just to crackdown on riding on sidewalks given the shortfall of facilities, it seems difficult to even attempt the logistics of mandatory insurance for such stuff.

Anyway, when you read/watch the evening news, it is not bicycles smearing families all over the pavement, or smashing through store fronts.

Since damages easily and immediately exceed the financial abilities of the person at fault, an insurance infrastructure to facilitate risks of high powered motors was devised.

But yeah, like the other person said, Amsterdamers, Copenhageners and Groningeners don't worry about this stuff. They just live normally. So ignore the retards and do the same :)

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