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By Frank (registered) | Posted July 06, 2009 at 09:04:06

I don't think that a physical separation is necessary. I think the building of a cross city cycling network of bike lanes will increase the number of riders which in turn will increase their safety and reduce the flow of traffic. In the incident on York, barring giant 2ft. diameter bollards, an out of control car will both jump the curb and crash through a bollard, especially when speeds are an issue.

The dangers to using on street parking as a shield are quite high. Cyclists will be popping out into the vehicle lanes of a road willy nilly to make turns. What truly chafes the ol' sackerooni is seeing cyclists use the sidewalk whenever they choose in order to avoid getting stuck in traffic. I'm all for those bike lanes Jason took pictures of in Portland. Clearly marked, with bike boxes at the front of traffic. Once they start using those, I'll bike to work again.

The problem we have is that infrastructure is built and bike lanes are put in as an afterthought creating smaller traffic lanes and cramping the two modes of transport closer together decreasing the safety factors involved in each.

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