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By Blown away by this foolhardy review (anonymous) | Posted July 25, 2009 at 04:45:53

Amanda N. Nesbitt are you sure you reviewed this play? Maybe it was their tech rehearsal? Do you review all shows opening night? Or just the ones you watch with your eyes closed?

It's very sad that you didn't notice that the play in question was not a serious play in any fashion. You might think someone with your degree of theater experience would know that. Maybe you review all plays as if they're drama? Is there is only one genre for you? Humor does not have to be twenty layers deep to be funny.

It's wonderful that you make note of the technical mistakes with the lighting, transitions and such. Once again one might think that someone with your education and experience with the Fringe would know that the lighting is controlled by a fringe volunteer or employee. Maybe you should direct your dribbling wrath at the Fringe staff?

I've seen this show more than once now and I find it enchanting. While the cast most definitely are not professionals, they elicit laughs from the simple goofy jokes, to the intentionally poor one liners. Short, easy-to-miss witty jokes were peppered throughout the show. The show may not raise the roof and cause the crowd to boisterously applaud at the end. But it certainly brings a smile to ones face, with a feel good ending.

Of course, your education and pomp of being a "big star reviewer" may be the real reason your review was so short-sighted and obtuse. Maybe you should stick to the red carpet in Hollywood...or report on fifth grade musicals. Whichever helps you see these shows for what they really are, good old fun and entertainment.

I give the show 4 out of 5 stars for making me chuckle, laugh and smile for an hour. The candy was a plus!
I give this review 5 out of 5 dirty gym socks for it's reek of self importance.

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