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By jason (registered) | Posted July 26, 2009 at 17:27:13

for what it's worth, I was in TO this weekend and got a day pass for all day TTC rides for my wife and I. Total cost was $9. It could have also included up to 4 kids had our kids been with us. I do like this new Passport to Hamilton by the HSR, but I think it should be cheaper. In Toronto we went from Yonge to Queen West to St Lawrence Market, back to Dundas/Yonge and then to the Beaches. Not once did I bother to check a schedule and not once did we wait more than 3 minutes for our streetcar or subway. To have a day pass in Hamilton you either need to be an expert at planning your day to arrive at the bus stop for the next bus, or you risk spending half your day standing around waiting for the next bus. I took a total of 6 subway/streetcar rides yesterday and spent a grand total of just over 11 minutes waiting for the next train to arrive. That's right. My average, not having a clue about the schedules was just under 2 minutes per ride.

Hamilton's 30-45 minute headways needs to be addressed in order to see our city become a more transit/walking friendly city....along with many other things.

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