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By Kerry (registered) - website | Posted April 12, 2006 at 04:12:12

As I recall, Hamilton's first hydro-electric development was at Balls Falls, now in St. Catharines, not in Niagara Falls. It powered an electric railroad. Not that it matters a great deal now. Here's a lyric that is more up to date: "Highway Junkies" I was born on blacktop backseat of a rag top dad said it's a short hop too late said mom the kid's popped I'm a highway junkie you’re a highway junkie we’re all highway junkies we got asphalt in our veins gov'ment gave a big grant to open up an auto plant now I'm just a worker ant I’d like to stop but I can't I'm a highway junkie hooked on steady pay ‘cause I'm paying off my car loans just to get to work each day now I got a four door palm sweat on the four-floor heavy metal 4x4 and room enough for four more but we highway junkies always ride alone we’re not giving over our space to satisfy your jones up each day at five to get java from a drive through trying to survive through that white-line jumping jive crew they're all highway junkies they got asphalt in their veins we’re all highway junkies we got asphalt for brains Best, Kerry

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