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By darmock (registered) | Posted August 17, 2009 at 22:52:10

It seems that there is an acceptable amount of bicycle deaths allowed before there is anything done about it. The law (HTA) is plain and simple that most anyone with half a brain could figure out.Sidewalks are for people not bicycles. However in Hamilton this has not the case. When I was a small boy I was taught bicycle saftey before I was allowed to ride on the road.I have been riding on the road now for over 40 years. To the gentleman named Sean I don't know where you got your facts that cars cause bicycle accidents. Most of the deaths in Hamilton were a result of the cyclist riding on the sidewalk then going suddenly onto the street. Example the cyclist run over after going onto the road to avoid a car exiting a parking lot upper James he was ran over by transport. Do you think the driver of the truck expected the cyclist to dart onto the road ? Another one was cyclist on sidewalk goes onto street to avoid wheel chair on sidewalk cyclist run over by pickup. I myself respect cyclists on the road however,if you dart on the street from the sidewalk I can hardly be held responsible if I run that person over. I personally have had several instinces where a cyclist has come off the sidewalk and I almost ran them over. When I informed them how close they came to being killed been given the finger been told where to go and the best one was that I would be in trouble. Barring the fact they would be dead.Remember life is short enough but death is eternal. Make no mistake laws of the road are a result of fatalities. Proper education will save lives. If ignore these laws your taking you life in your hands make no mistake you can only roll the dice so many time before your luck will run out.Remember a bicycle is regarded as a vehicle and expected to obey the rules of the road if some one in a car cuts you off get the plate and report them and get them off the road. In closing I do not wish harm on anyone but if you roll the dice be prepared to pay the price. Lets hope it does not cost your life. Be safe for your own sake.


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