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By JonC (registered) | Posted August 20, 2009 at 08:36:49

It's actually 100% untrue. It's only applicable if you are in the minority of every opinion (like crazy pants McGee). If you take a sample group and ask them 2 questions where some variance in results would be expected your poll result will return four categories YY, YN, NY & NN. If the questions are more fact based, or more similar to one another, like, "Is evolution accurate" and "Is the Earth older than 10k years", most of the results fall into YY or NN, but if the questions are on debatable topics on varying issues, like "do you support the death penalty" and "do you support placing a term limit on government", the answers begin to be spread out among YY, YN, NY & NN, leaving all parties in the minority. So when literary thousands of issues have to be decided in a year's council session, there is no majority and people will (or at least should) find themselves agreeing and disagreeing with every person. People compromise. People come to some sort of consensus. Representative and direct democracies are completely different systems.

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