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By kat (anonymous) | Posted August 20, 2009 at 16:39:41

First off--good article. It does not pander to one side or the other.

I think a greatest misconception concerning downloading and filesharing is that it is assumed that those involved in these activities do not respect the artists or their hard work. In my experience, this is not true. Many people do believe that an artist should get recognition for their work, and they do respect the creative process, and believe the the arts are a job, albeit a very fun and seemingly glamourous job. I also believe, however, that the line of contention is drawn when one considers the salaries of the artists and the record companies, and their anger over the loss of income seems laughable to the ordinary working person, and their demands for harsh treatment makes people more determined to download. Like any other job, artists and record companies must accept that technology is going to create hazards for their chosen careers, and they must be prepared to adapt to that.

Music and media, in some form or another, have always been an important part of any society. In our age, one can easily gain media from many parts of the world, creating more of a global society. That same media can also be used to alert people to the problems that some in that society face. It is extremely important that the citizens of any given society have easy access to their global society, without fear of harsh reprisals from a minority of people, despite the fact that that minority holds the majority of the wealth in the society. Allowing access to media downloading can help ensure a better participation in future society.

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