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By Left-Wing Nut (anonymous) | Posted August 22, 2009 at 22:09:39

I was reading this comment thread and I feel I have to add my two cents!!

A Smith > With respect urban sprawl, in my humble opinion the important thing to consider is not whether sprawl simply increases the tax base, but how its fairs when you compare this tax base increase to the whole host of issues it causes like:

* the cost of additional services that need to be built (new roads, new schools, new transit lines, new pipes, etc....)
* the environmental impact (something that cannot be easily calculated with a simple formula) of building low-density development that is designed to cater to people who drive to every place they frequent other than home (in some locations, you cannot even feasibly walk to a convenience store for bare essentials!!)
* the long-term impact of losing some of our region's most fertile farmland

I also want to note that not all things in life (especially things related to the human experience, such as happiness) can be measured in dollars or calculated with a formula. For instance, an afternoon in the park with a loved one can bring me immense joy, yet I don't have to spend a penny. Perhaps you see this as me freeloading off of the system as I don't have to pay a penny to enjoy a park even though taxpayers have to pay for its creation and maintenance.


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